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The name 'freedom harmonics' was gifted to me some years ago now by a beautiful Being, friend and Mentor.... with the wise guidance to 'BE' freedom harmonics. His gentle and loving counsel of 'it's not just a name you know' is etched upon my Heart, resonates within my Soul and reverberates throughout my entire existence. 


Through my deep and intuitive connection to all that is sound, my aim is to support you to create harmony within. To hold space for you whilst gently encouraging  you to become the most harmonious version of yourself ~ so that you can create the life you desire and to live it in Joy and Abundance. Whatever stage you are at in your journey I have something to offer you.... whether that be gentle energetic support, or deep, intense and dynamic transformation.

We live in exciting times, that are changing rapidly. What we are experiencing upon the Earth right now is unprecedented, and of course it is challenging... both as individuals and within the collective. Working with sound can help ease passage through these unchartered territories and  enable us not only to harmonise any discomfort that we may encounter, but also to align with our highest potential.


My Lunar Soundings, which are guided sound journeys created at the New and Full Moons, harness the powerful energy of the cosmos, and support any transformational opportunities that are presented to us throughout the lunar cycle. These downloadable transmissions are the best way to maintain a consistent harmonious state of being within, as they work with the natural ebb and flow of energy that is affecting us from the Universe and beyond.

If you want to work with me more personally, Cosmic Sound Alchemy sessions are available too, These powerful cosmic sound transmissions are intended to meet you exactly where you are at.... and align you with the highest frequencies available to you at any given time.

"After a couple of days of feeling really tired and needing to ‘unplug’, slowly, little by little I have found myself in a new place. It feels like my ‘true frequency’ - the one I had been working so hard to get to for so long and not quite making it. There is a deep feeling of connection with my flowing inner truth.  I am resonating with people and events that are bringing me joy and harmony. Thank you so much for your inspired healing work. I felt safe in your hands from the moment we connected by email"

Linda, Leeds

"I have had several voice healing sessions with Ali and I find her intuitive way of working very powerful. Ali holds the space with wisdom and non judgement and I have experienced some great insights and energetic shifts within our work together. Thank you!"

Ali, Cornwall

"I can't tell you how powerful it all was. You are AMAZING, TRULY INCREDIBLE, thank you. I feel so different, like I have let go of something huge!"

Clea, Wiltshire

About me

With over 20 years experience in Complementary Therapies and Energy Healing, I have always been fascinated by the soul's journey, and the bigger picture of our existence beyond this lifetime. After beginning to spontaneously channel sound in 2015, I spent 2 years training with the College of Sound Healing here in the UK, firstly as a Vocal Sound Healer and then as a Gong Practitioner.

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The Latest Lunar Sounding....

Here is the latest Lunar Sounding - a guided sound transmission, intuitively created to harness the incredible transformational potential of the lunar cycle. You can hear a 30 second excerpt (random) by clicking play.

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What people say about Lunar Soundings....

Powerful in a seemingly soft way; I felt it physically under my skin as though it was working there within the body… just thank you as it helped me simply to step into another vibration totally

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