Lunar Sounding

Lunar Sounding



Track length: 22:16


Cards from The Sacred Creators Oracle (Chris-Anne) and Moonology (Yasmin Boland)


Many of us are strongly affected by the lunar cycle and the energy of the moon.  Do you notice how your mood, energy levels, emotions, sleep patterns and even sometimes physical sensations are influenced by where the moon is in her cycle? Every month at the New Moon and the Full Moon, I create a channelled Vocal Sounding - a 'Lunar Sounding' to work with the moon's energy (and other astrological alignments) at that specific time.



These Soundings can help to balance or harmonise any challenging vibrations that we might be feeling uncomfortable with due to the New or Full Moon. They can also assist us to harness the energy to create shift and opportunity, should that be appropriate and desired!



Before channelling a Lunar Sounding, I always select an oracle card with the intention of getting to the core.... the (hidden) potential available from working with this particular Sounding at this specific time.... often the opportunities that are presented by the unique combination of this Channelled Sound and these astrological alignments can be surprising!



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  • Full Moon in Aries October 2021

    It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for sure, and as we approach this Full Moon in Aries, there’s definitely a sense of that fiery Aries ‘go getter’ energy in the air! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so there is a feeling of a new influx of energy right now, an initiation, a spark. A leap forwards. And with several planets moving out of retrograde this month, there is a palpable feeling of being propelled forwards. This week a friend used the analogy of feeling like a catapult that has been pulled back as far as it can go….. awaiting it’s release. I wonder if you can relate to that at all? Perhaps you too are feeling a confusing and unsettling mix of trepidation and excitement all at the same time?!? I know I certainly am.


    “Most of the excitement happens just beyond the boundaries of what you can perceive – and it happens just beyond the edges of your comfort zone. As things shift and germinate around you, you may notice how uncertain it feels beyond-the-known. It’s time to bring yourself to your personal growth edge to look into that abyss of creation” ~ The Sacred Creators Oracle (Chris-Anne)


    We are all in such a pot of creativity at the moment. We are being asked to Dream Big. To dig deep and determine our deepest desires. How we want to Be. How we want our reality to Be. This Aries energy provides a great opportunity to dig into this. To align with our inner truths. The keywords for Aries are ‘I AM’. Maybe stop and think about this phrase for a while. What would you follow it with? What would you LIKE to follow it with?


    There is an intense and fiery nature to this Full Moon, with Mars bringing powerful and intense warrior like energy onto the stage. Our boats may feel rocked and our tempers may feel frayed! Feelings of anger, irritation, agitation and restlessness may be easily triggered, and with the moon at her fullest, she may expose those aspects of ourselves that we prefer to keep well hidden.


    If you feel this happening to you then dig into that beautiful loving, peace-keeping energy of Libra. That vibration of balance. Take some deep breaths and ground into it. Think of those Libra scales, and bring yourself back to the middle. To your Centre.


    Working with this Lunar Sounding


    Set your intention!


    Do you want to harness the fiery Aries/Mars energy to step right out of your comfort zone and discover what lies beyond?


    Or do you need some of that peace loving Libra Balance to dampen the fiery energy down?


    Either way, it’s all about alignment.


    What vibration do you want to align with?


    If you would like the Sounding to help in a very specific way, then please do ensure that you take a few moments before listening to set your intention. You may choose to write it down, select some crystals to have with you, light a candle to focus the energy…. whatever feels right for you. If you put your message out there, then the Universe will hear you.



    Full Moon Exact:


    20 October 2021

    London - 15:56

    New York - 10:56


    21 October 2021

    Sydney - 01:56


  • How to listen

    Please listen in a comfortable position, ideally sitting or lying down in a time/space where you aren't likely to be disturbed. I recommend wearing headphones for a more personal experience, but please use your own intuition. You may wish to keep a notebook or journal to hand, so that you can make a note of any insight you receive, or jot down anything about your experience that you might wish to remember.


    Please be gentle with yourself after listening. If you feel ungrounded please drink some water and perhaps eat something. Going into nature will help too.


    Please don't listen whilst driving or operating machinery.


    You may work with this recording as often as you feel drawn to. A guideline would be once a day until the New or Full Moon, or even a day or two afterwards if you feel it is still benefitting you. Sometimes people listen just once and intuitively know that the Sounding has done what it needed to. There is no right or wrong way to work with these Lunar Soundings - please just do what feels right for you.