Lunar Sounding

Lunar Sounding



Track length: 25:00


Card from Black Moon Astrology by Susan Sheppard


Not only is the collective energy strongly affected by the lunar cycle and the energy of the moon, but we as individuals are too.  Many people experience changes in mood, emotions, energy levels, sleep patterns and even physical symptoms as the moon journeys through her cycle.


Lunar Soundings are specifically intended to work with the energy 'of the moment'.  At the New Moon and the Full Moon, I tune into the collective energy and create a guided sound immersion, where I intuitively weave together vocal sound and sound healing instruments.

These powerful sound experiences can help to balance or harmonise any challenging vibrations that you might be feeling uncomfortable with due to the New or Full Moon, whilst also assisting you to harness the energy to create shifts and tap into incredible opportunities too.

Working with Lunar Soundings regularly can help you to create and maintain a sense of harmony within, as they support you through the natural ebb and flow of the energetic shifts we are experiencing right now here on Earth.


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  • Equinox/Libra New Moon September 2022

    The Equinox energies are upon us! Tomorrow as the Sun moves into Libra, we also have Autumn Equinox (here in the Northern Hemisphere). An opportunity to pause and reflect, as we experience a balance of light and darkness, at the exact midpoint between Summer and Winter Solstice. The Libra New Moon closely follows on Sunday/Monday (depending upon where you are in the world). There is an increasing emphasis on the need for Balance over these next few days and this is certainly where I will be putting my intentions.


    Libra is represented by a set of scales, and it's keywords are 'I Balance'.


    This Equinox feels like a tipping point. The energy recently has felt like being on a rollercoaster, that has raced up and down, hurled you around corners and is now making that steep climb up to the brow of the highest and steepest descent.... when you feel slightly sick and full of anticipation, and can't decide whether you want to get off... or scream with wild abandon and delight!


    Autumn Equinox is traditionally a time for Harvest, for gathering in the fruits of one's labour, and giving gratitude for all that has grown. All of our Abundance. I would suggest making this personal right now and looking inwards. Taking stock of where you are at and reflecting upon your own personal harvest.


    We are now moving into the last quarter of the calendar year. The light will soon start dimming and we will start slowing down as we lean towards rest and regeneration.


    Establishing a good state of Balance feels essential right now. The Astrology suggests that the remainder of this calendar year could be a little challenging, and if we can get ourselves into a state of inner harmony, right here at the Equinox then we are equipping ourselves with the strength and the stability that will help us move forwards in a positive and fruitful way. Libra is the sign of Harmony, and this New Moon energy offers us an energetic springboard to reach for that equilibrium.


    New Moon Exact:

    25 September 2022

    London 22:54

    New York 17:54

    26 September 2022

    Sydney 07:54

  • How to listen

    Please listen in a comfortable position, ideally sitting or lying down in a time/space where you aren't likely to be disturbed. I recommend wearing headphones for a more personal experience, but please use your own intuition. You may wish to keep a notebook or journal to hand, so that you can make a note of any insight you receive, or jot down anything about your experience that you might wish to remember.


    Please be gentle with yourself after listening. If you feel ungrounded please drink some water and perhaps eat something. Going into nature will help too.


    Please don't listen whilst driving or operating machinery.


    You may work with this recording as often as you feel drawn to. A guideline would be once a day until the New or Full Moon, or even a day or two afterwards if you feel it is still benefitting you. Sometimes people listen just once and intuitively know that the Sounding has done what it needed to. There is no right or wrong way to work with these Lunar Soundings - please just do what feels right for you.