About Me

How I came to BE freedom harmonics....

My name is Ali, I live in Yorkshire, in the North of England, and I have been working within the field of natural wellbeing and healing since 2000 when I initially qualified in Holistic Aromatherapy. Since then I have worked with a variety of different energy and bodywork therapies and modalities, plus Hypnosis, Past Life Regression Therapy and Between Lives Spiritual Regression. 

In addition to running a private practice, for most of my years as a therapist I have provided sessions within a wide variety of voluntary sector organisations, including those working with Carers, Refugees and Asylum Seekers and people living with long term health issues. I provided therapies at Breast Cancer Haven Yorkshire for 9 years until the end of 2017, and within HIV Services in Leeds for 20 years until 2020.

Whilst training in Past Life Regression Therapy I became interested in Channelling and in 2015 I spontaneously began channelling sound - which literally meant that every time I relaxed into a meditative state, sound would start pouring out of my mouth. Not singing, chanting or speaking - just random sounds. Despite not looking for it, sound had very clearly found me! I spent the following 2 years training with the College of Sound Healing, initially in vocal Sound Healing and then also to become a Gong Practitioner. 


Where I am at now....

With hindsight, I fully believe that all of the therapeutic training I have undertaken so far, and the journey this has taken me on has been in preparation for working with sound. I no longer work with the therapies I have previously offered as I believe that working with sound is now the fastest and the most effective way for me to assist people on their own healing journeys. I do still offer Reiki for people who feel drawn to working with me, but not to Sound Healing.

As we enter this New Age upon the Earth, so many people are feeling the call to raise their vibrations and clear their energy fields of old programs and limiting beliefs. This might come in the form of physical symptoms, reoccurring emotions, or persistent negative thought patterns. It might be a heightened sensitivity, or a feeling of being stuck or lost. Many people are currently feeling drawn to heal issues from their past lives - and yes, sound can be applied in this way too!

Sound can clear and disperse energy, it can soothe and balance, and it can also stimulate and activate! Sound is a vibration, as are we. Whatever you're experiencing, if you're open to it, I believe that sound can help.

I offer a variety of sessions, both in person and at a distance. You can read about the different sessions on the Offerings page, and there is some useful information on the FAQ page which may answer any questions you have.


My passion very much lies with the soul's journey and the bigger picture beyond this human lifetime that we are currently experiencing. I am a natural channel and very energetically sensitive. I work in an intuitive and heart centred way, and am guided and assisted by a large collective of Spiritual Beings.

I regularly co-facilitate Channelling Workshops with Janet Treloar (www.planet-therapies.com), and I would highly recommend her if you are interested in developing channelling skills yourself.

If you wish to connect with me, or have any questions about how I work and what I offer, then please do feel free to contact me.


Ali Lord

Certified Sound Healer

Certified Gong Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Dip Holistic Aromatherapy

Ct Hyp, Dip RTh, Cert LBL

Member of the College of Sound Healing

Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists