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Cosmic Sound Alchemy

Cosmic Sound Alchemy


A powerful personalised intuitive Sounding for you to listen to at your leisure and work with at your own pace.


Why have a Cosmic Sound Alchemy session?

~to create harmony within

~when you are aware that you have something to release/let go of

~to clear any Past Life energy that is holding you back

~to activate your highest potential

~if you feel stuck or lost

~to ease physical symptoms

~when you feel your energy field needs clearing/cleansing

~if you feel 'out of balance' or out of alignment

~to open/activate any of your chakra centres

~when you are going through significant life changes

~to activate the next level of your spiritual journey

~to connect more deeply with your intuition

~to generally elevate your frequency

~on your Solar Return, to activate your highest potential for the year ahead!


Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Self Care
Subscribe and save 10%
£69.30every month until canceled
  • How does it work?

    On receipt of your purchase I will email you to discuss what it is that you are wanting to work on, and set an intention with you for the session. 


    After setting up sacred space for your session, I will create a crystal grid to harness the energy for your unique Sounding. I will also select and use an Auraspray or vibrational essence too, which adds it's own unique vibration to the energy of the work. 


    If you don't feel clear what it is that you want the Sounding to do for you, but feel drawn to working with sound in this way, then this is no problem at all.... in fact I would say that this is a big nudge from the Universe that Cosmic Sound Alchemy is so aligned with your energy right now. If this is the case for you then I will set the intention that the session is for your most harmonious self. I may select some oracle cards if there is no specific intention, and these can also give some insight or clarity into what the sound is working on.


    I will then create your personalised and unique Cosmic Alchemy Sounding and send it electronically as an Mp3. Average length of recording is 20 to 25 minutes. Although the duration may seem relatively short for a therapeutic session, please be assured that channelled sound is extremely potent, and more isn't necessarily better!  Sound is able to work on very deep levels very quickly. 


    This is an intuitive process and the sound that comes through can vary so much from one Sounding to another. It isn't singing, or chanting, and won't always be tuneful or harmonious. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is a beautiful and deeply relaxing experience. Sometimes there will be some spoken word and there may be some light language too.  


    Once I have the vocal aspect of the Sounding, I will then immerse myself in it's energy and weave some instrument sound through the recording. This additional personalised layer adds another whole deeper level to the experience as the end result is a whole sound immersion that has been intuitevely created just for you.


    I usually spend at least 2 hours creating your recording. Sometimes all in one sitting, and at other times I will partially create it and then let it sit for a few days for the energy to settle before I feel into it again and continue. It is a deeply intuitive and immersive process and I work with your Sounding until it feels 'right' and complete.

  • How to listen

    Please listen in a comfortable position, ideally sitting or lying down in a time/space where you aren't likely to be disturbed. I recommend wearing headphones for a more personal experience, but please use your own intuition. You may wish to keep a notebook or journal to hand, so that you can make a note of any insight you receive, or jot down anything about your experience that you might wish to remember.


    Please be gentle with yourself after listening. If you feel ungrounded please drink some water and perhaps eat something. Going into nature will help too.


    You may work with this recording as often as you feel drawn to, and continue for as long as you feel it is still benefitting you. This varies hugely from one experience to another - people have reported listening once and knowing that their work with the Sounding is complete, whilst others have reported working with one Sounding over a period of weeks and even months.


    Working with energy in this way can sometimes feel like an 'unlayering', and you may find that after working with one Sounding for a period of time, you become aware that you are ready for the next level and it is time for a new Sounding..... to meet you where you are at now.

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