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Winter Solstice ~ You are the Light

Winter Solstice ~ You are the Light


Solstice Blessings Dear Friends!


As we reach Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, I feel a pause so deeply within my Heart. A deep need for stillness and reflection.

The winter solstice marks the zenith of darkness and the shortest day of the year, ushering in the official commencement of winter. This celestial event carries profound significance across diverse cultures, symbolizing not only the rebirth of the sun's light but also offering a poignant metaphor for our own inner illumination.


As the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky, we are encouraged to turn inward, embracing the potential for personal renewal and self-discovery. In the midst of the longest night, there lies a powerful metaphor for reconnecting with our own inner light—a light that may have been dimmed by the challenges of the past year.


The winter solstice invites us to kindle the flame within, to reflect on our personal journeys, and to recognize the resilience and strength that reside deep within ourselves. It is a time to celebrate the promise of increasing daylight, both in the natural world and within our own hearts, fostering a sense of hope and the anticipation of brighter days ahead.

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