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Dawning of a New Day: Part 3

Dawning of a New Day: Part 3


‘Dawning of a New Day’ - a trilogy of short sound immersion meditations to stir your soul and propel your ‘evalation’



Collaboration with 'Zac', a high vibrational Being from the 26th Dimension, channelled through Janet Treloar



Part 3: Shiny and New - Dawning on Aquarius

  • Message from Janet Treloar (Channel) 16/12/20

    We are in the midst of an incredible time energetically for Earth in relation to the cosmos, and the impact upon ourselves is likely to be vast over the coming weeks, months and years. Many have described this period in December culminating with the Winter Solstice on the 21st as a birthing, and we are effectively moving through the birth canal currently with all the pressure and anticipation that brings.


    Zac has been working in the background to bring you an experience to sooth your passage, to aid the very real changes happening within you, and harness the energies of this transitional time. He has described, as many others have also, the 21st December as the turning point (or tipping point) of us all moving fully into the Age of Aquarius. An age he also describes as that of Heart-Coherence, the Third Eye, and of Solutions. We move out of earthly Pisces and into airy Aquarius. A time of innovation, dreaming big, intellect and heart working together as one.


    So what has Zac been up to?! It started with a name ‘Dawning of a New Day’, and instruction to an incredible Sound Healer, Ali Lord to create a sound immersion for him to add a meditation too. At the time neither of us knew it was designed for this auspicious event! Ali has been by my side (and Zacs’) at every Channelling Extravaganza since the beginning. Zac affectionally calls her Cosmic One. I am earth and she is stars for sure. At the Extravaganzas she brings through Sound throughout the workshop; sometimes this is to complete a process, other times to activate. In the moment she Channels Sounds, an innate wisdom, knowing what is needed for all.


    The Sound Immersion for these meditations Ali created over a period of time. She Channels and receives insight and influence from Zac on that which is required / desired and then allows her own wisdom and energetic guidance to create the Sound. Zac, approving and happy with the results, proceeded to segment it in to three parts and then he was off… Channelling each of the three meditations in one take!


    Regarding use…

    These meditations are incredibly powerful. Zac has many times stated Sound can do anything and he has long advocated using Sound to aid our vibrational shifts, developments and for our general health and well-being. He has also stated that much of what the Earth, and therefore ourselves, is going through during our transition into a higher vibration and light is happening via Sound. Sound is hitting the earth and coming from the earth at levels we cannot hear but are having effect within our physical and energetic bodies. I see now, as I expect you will also, why Zac has chosen this moment to bring to everyone such a deep process meditation through Sound, coupled with his own words and energy.


    As with all Sound Healing the experience will be different for everyone, it is not always comfortable and can bring up thoughts, emotions and sensations that at first may not feel welcomed. However the deep process of Sound enables much to come to light, quite literally, and be soothed, healed and harmonised far quicker than when we may be simply living these experiences in real day to day time.


    It is useful to know Zac has not been prescriptive about the dates for listening to the meditations. Anytime from now is good! I have listened myself a number of times - in the beginning there were times I felt uncomfortable for no logical reason it seemed to me. I breathed in to these experiences and encouraged myself to let go of whatever I was holding on to, or indeed simply welcoming the change and shift of vibration from one that I had become used to. I now can listen and fully immerse myself in the experience in such an enjoyable way. It is mind-boggling to me the complexity and power of these pieces /peace.


    Zac is keen for the three meditations to remain separate. You can for sure listen to each, one after the other - he says you may wish to take time after each to integrate or simply be with the energy. As always go with your heart and what you feel. Each meditation is approximately 15 minutes long. Zac suggests to listen when you have some space ‘to be’ after, these are not meditations for listening to when you go to sleep at night. They are overall activating and enlivening to our soul.


    These meditations are quite different to those created to support you each month, available for Patreon members. There he uses music to enhance your experience, holding our hands as we journey ever forward through this incredible life and our time here on Earth. These meditations are, as Zac says, a deep process. They may feel challenging, they may feel enlightening, they may feel wonderful - most importantly though they are a journey through this portal of energy we are all experiencing into a lighter different world. It is a story of oneness, possibilities, and dawning of a new day!

  • Additional Information

    Channelled wisdom from Zac can be accessed on Patreon at:



    There is already a significant library of recordings (both video and audio) available for FREE, plus you can sign up to receive further recordings and Zac's incredible meditations for a small monthly fee.


    Zac has recorded a video explaining the background to the meditations, gives guidance on how to listen and also shares what you might experience when you work with them. Available to watch on Patreon at the above address and Highly Recommended.

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