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Track length: 23:31



Oracle card: The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell (Artwork by Danielle Noel)



This sound experience was channelled for the Full Moon in Virgo, February 2021.



The focus of this Sounding is connecting in to the vibration of Tenderness. Whether we need this for ourselves, or to show it to others or to Mother Earth herself. It is very much a softening. An unlayering. A soothing. It is a gentle but deep sound journey to encourage expansion of the Heart.



Created using the energy of the Full Moon to forgive ourself/others and to release anything we are holding onto. The oracle card has a strong Inner Child connection too, so this Sounding could also work to strengthen your bond with your Inner Child, especially if there is some nurturing to be done there. Is it time for you to show the child inside you some tenderness?



Additional Vibrations

When bringing the vocal sound through I used a vibrational essence called Mother Earth (Essence of Pure Light), which is one of my favourite aurasprays. It always gives me a strong feeling of 'being held', with the tenderness of Mother to Child, whilst grounding me into the physical body, supporting me to feel safe, whole and supported.



You may benefit from this Sounding if you:

~ feel that your Inner Child is hurting

~ crave being held by a Motherly energy

~ feel unsafe within your physical body

~ find the world around you a little harsh

~ want to be held

~ feel a little fragile and/or oversensitive



There is a gentle nurturing quality to this Sounding. 

  • How to listen:

    Please listen in a comfortable position, ideally sitting or lying down in a time/space where you aren't likely to be disturbed. I recommend wearing headphones for a more personal experience, but please use your own intuition. You may wish to keep a notebook or journal to hand, so that you can make a note of any insight you receive, or jot down anything about your experience that you might wish to remember.


    Please be gentle with yourself after listening. If you feel ungrounded please drink some water and perhaps eat something. Going into nature will help too.


    Please don't listen whilst driving or operating machinery.


    You may work with this recording as often as you feel drawn to. Repeated listening can be really beneficial in stripping back the layers and working on a deeper level. This also means that you can work at your own pace and there isn't any pressure to 'complete the work' on one sitting.You may find that after listening just once you intuitively know that the Sounding has done what it needed to. There is no right or wrong way to work with these Soundings - please just do what feels right for you.

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