1-2-1 in person sessions

"After a couple of days of feeling really tired and needing to ‘unplug’, slowly, little by little I have found myself in a new place. It feels like my ‘true frequency’ - the one I had been working so hard to get to for so long and not quite making it. There is a deep feeling of connection with my flowing inner truth.  I am resonating with people and events that are bringing me joy and harmony. Thank you so much for your inspired healing work. I felt safe in your hands from the moment we connected by email"

Linda, Leeds

"I have had several voice healing sessions with Ali and I find her intuitive way of working very powerful. Ali holds the space with wisdom and non judgement and I have experienced some great insights and energetic shifts within our work together. Thank you!"

Ali, Cornwall

"Incredible. Words don't adequately describe the process. Wonderfully peaceful, revealing and very beneficial"

J, Yorkshire

Channelled Sound Healing Sessions

"I just wanted to share with you the news that the last IVF was successful and I am nearly 13 weeks pregnant! I had a scan yesterday and all seems well. I just really wanted to thank you as I listened to my personal sounding every day whilst I was going through the IVF process and I feel that it really helped. In fact since I met you last year I believe the soundings have cleared feelings for me that I am not good enough and that I don’t deserve happiness. Now I am more open to the good times and  something magical has happened"

Angela, Leeds

"it's tricky to put into words what the sound healings Ali has conducted for me have brought to my being. Liberating, Healing, Supportive, Awakening - these are the words that most come to mind. Each session gave me the space to allow my conscious mind to relax and not get involved in analysing what was happening or risk expectation to influence the beauty of what unfurled. Sometimes I felt the sessions were healing deep within, other times the sounding seemed to support energetic changes within me. I believe it works on all layers of our energy body and transcends the usual barriers we sometimes encounter in our healing modalities. I am intrigued before each session, and feel centred and amazed after. Ali is gifted and true of heart and spirit."

Janet, Wiltshire

"What Ali does is unique, her sounds touch a part of your soul that is ancient. A part that has been lying dormant for eons.  Each time I listen it connects to a different part of my body and a calming emotion touches each and every cell in my body.  Ali certainly has an amazing gift and I feel truly blessed that she is willing to share it with us"

Sally, Carmarthen

"The first time I encountered Ali's Sounding, I was taken aback by this strange and unusual enveloping of my senses with sound - but the deeper part of me understood it completely and connected to something ancient, universal, powerful and so beautiful. The sounds and vibrations have been profoundly healing and empowering for me"

Elizabeth, Melksham

Past Life Sound Healing

Firstly I felt like I could literally understand what you were saying in the dragon tongue you speak, it was unreal. It said to me "it is time, you are ready. You have been carrying this for too long, time to heal, release and let go of it all. You are ready for the next phase, you've carried the burden long enough." Then I literally went through a mini regression and saw myself in the place where you meet the key people in that life. I was able to explain what I did and why, and how sorry I was for all the bad things I had done. I received forgiveness from my sister and from her unborn baby and from all the people I had hurt through my evil deeds, and even the villagers accepted my apologies and saw that they had played a part in keeping me in that wrong place in the end after the death of my sister and how it had affected me.  But most importantly, I didn't realise until Mother Mary came through that the big issue was reaching forgiveness for myself which I definitely hadn't reached. I saw the shackles of shame on my ankles and how heavy they were. I could see all of my faces melt into one of different lives. Then when she embraced me with her pale blue Ray I felt it all lift and I raised with her like an angel, a being of light, so so so light. It was amazing. In the final part I could hear words through the sound of "you are now free, free to be of service, free to serve humanity as an earth angel".

I can't tell you how powerful it all was. You are AMAZING, TRULY INCREDIBLE, thank you. I feel so different, like I have let go of something huge!  And to know that if feeling of shame creep back, I can call on Mother Mary in this way is so beautiful, such a gift.

Name witheld, UK

I have just listened for the second time to the Sounding you did for me. As it started I realised I was crying, although I was not aware of any emotion. Sometimes at some level I am resisting healings so I try to remember to ask if I have given full permission.  As I did this I had the impression of a padlock being blown off.... I guess it was time! Fairly near the beginning, as I was focusing on my intention for the healing, I had a very strong physical release, followed by me wailing at the top of my voice, so loud I couldn't hear your voice any more. The wailing was followed by full on laughter that went on for a while. Towards the end I was aware of energy around my base chakra, then energy round my throat and tongue, then my third eye/brow chakra.  Then the energy felt more diffuse. I can still feel it coursing through my body.  I am feeling a deep joy and still have a smile on my face.

I really feel as if everything is starting to shift and I finally feel as if I am more in the flow of life... long may that continue. Thank you so much for that powerful healing.  

Name witheld, UK


"I have just had the immense pleasure to take part in Ali's sound healing workshop. The theme of the workshop was" expanding our heart through sound", it proved to be one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I came to realise that working through sound in this way helps bypass the mind completely, allowing us the freedom to heal, release, expand, transform, integrate and balance what needs to be balanced. Sound reaches the depth of our being, the core, the soul, without the interference of the mind sabotaging the process. Ali led us through a series of exercises that achieved whatever we all individually needed at various stages of our journeys in the most nurturing, compassionate and supportive way. I felt safe and happy to allow the changes to take place, I was able to let the barriers fall and step through the fear of creating sound which was such a liberating experience in itself. I can't thank Ali enough for what she facilitated and was so grateful for the presence of the other beautiful souls who took part in this workshop with me. It was an incredible day with incredible people. I would thoroughly recommend it. Thank you!"

Clea, Wiltshire

"If on your life’s journey you are searching for someone who can support you on many levels, then Ali at Freedom harmonics can do this beautiful work. I have had many energetic shifts through her sounding workshops, helping to bring me back to find my true authentic birth self (Ali guided me to the enlightening moment, where I realised I needed to change my name back to my birth name!) Her soundings through the gongs, crystal bowls and her amazing voice can clear stuck energy, elevating your vibration to a higher level. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Ali to work together on your own specific needs"

Sharon, Dorchester

"It was way beyond my imaginings and felt so completely liberating.... What can I say apart from that I was blown away and am so looking forward to the follow-on! Never before had I willingly opened my mouth to make sound, apart from speech, and yet I felt able to do just that on your workshop which truly was very heart warming"

Louise, Wiltshire

Soundings for Animals

I have asked Ali for a personal sounding distance session for my dog twice in the last couple of years and it has been wonderful to witness how he has enjoyed it and engaged with the sounding at a very deep level. Both times when I have played the recordings to him he has relaxed into a very deep trance state and I could see how tension was being released from his body at certain points during the sounding, other times his breathing changed slightly, and overall it felt like an amazing energy experience. He clearly loves Ali’s sounding and both times the positive effects have been very noticeable in that he seems so happy, joyful and carefree - and pain free - for a long time afterwards. Even just seeing how much he enjoys the experience makes it well worth it. If you have an animal you think might be responsive to sounding I would encourage you to try it, it’s quite a beautiful experience to witness!

Theresa, Salisbury