Channelled Voice Transmission

Channelled Voice Transmission


A powerful Channelled Voice Transmission for you to listen to at your leisure and work with at your own pace.


This session is a recorded Transmission, working purely with the Voice.


You can also subscribe to receive a monthly Transmission with an incredible 15% discount.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Transmission
Subscribe and save 20%
£38.25monthly/ auto-renew
  • How does it work?

    On receipt of your purchase of a Channelled Voice Transmission I will email you to discuss what it is that you are wanting to work on, and set an intention with you for the session. 


    After setting up sacred space for your session, I will select an oracle card for you and create a crystal grid to harness the energy for your unique Sounding. I will also select and use an Auraspray or vibrational essence too, which adds it's own unique vibration to the energy of the work. (I will happily share this information with you via email, including any relevant information for any oracle cards, and I may also suggest a crystal for you to work with, should that seem appropriate).


    If you don't feel clear what it is that you want the Transmission to do for you, but feel drawn to working with sound in this way, then this is no problem at all.... in fact I would say that this is a big nudge from the Universe that a Channelled Voice Transmission is so aligned with your energy right now! If this is you then I will set the intention that the session is for your Highest Good. You may well get some clarity or insight about what the sound is working on from any oracle cards that I may select for you.


    I will then channel your Channelled Voice Transmission and send it electronically as an Mp3. Average length of recording is 15 to 20 minutes. Although the duration may seem relatively short, please be assured that channelled sound is extremely potent, and more isn't necessarily better!  Sound is able to work on very deep levels very quickly. 


    This is an intuitive process and the sound that comes through can vary so much from one Transmission to another - it may be soft and gentle or loud and abrasive. Or a combination of both. It isn't singing, or chanting, and won't necessarily be tuneful or harmonious. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is a beautiful and deeply relaxing experience. Sometimes there will be some spoken word and there may be some light language too.  Sound can sometimes be challenging, and transformation is rarely a 100% comfortable process. However, I completely trust that however the sound comes through will be exactly as it needs to be, to bring through the appropriate vibrations to meet your needs.

  • How to listen

    Please don't listen whilst driving or operating machinery.


    You may work with this recording as often as you feel drawn to, and continue for as long as you feel it is still benefitting you. This varies hugely from one experience to another - clients have reported listening once and knowing that their work with the Transmission is complete, whilst others have reported that repeated listening has brought more layers to their experience.


    Our energy is changing all of the time - day to day, minute to minute. If you enjoy working with channelled vocal sound and would like to receive a monthly Transmission channelled specifically for you, then there is the option to subscribe with an incredible 20% discount.