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Solstice Sounding 21/06/22

Solstice Sounding 21/06/22


Solstice Blessings Dear Friends!


As we reach Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, I feel a pause so deeply within my Heart. A deep need for stillness and reflection.


As the Earth is flooded with solar rays and light codes, what a window of opportunity we have to go within and connect with our own inner light. To allow our shadows to be illuminated and integrated. To open ourselves to the magnificence that we are. To light ourselves up from the inside out!


This morning, with the sun rising I created a Solstice Sound Journey to activate within you the vibrant and elevating Solstice light that is pouring into the Earth right now.


✨This is a gifted Sounding for all who feel drawn to it✨



This gift is a 12 minute guided journey on a soundscape of gentle intuitive vocal sound and crystal singing bowls and pyramids, which I have lovingly created to align you with your own luminosity.


To assist with dissolving any resistance you may have to shining your true light✨


To activate your most beautiful luminous essence✨

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