Past Life Sound Healing

Past Life Sound Healing


Many people are feeling drawn to clear on really deep levels as we move into this New Age upon the Earth. This frequently includes working on energy from previous lifetimes, which may be affecting them now or holding them back in some way. You may instinctively feel that there are issues that are 'not from this time' or have a strong fear of something that doesn't logically make sense to you - and you can't identify where it came from. Perhaps you have consulted a Psychic or had a Tarot Card reading, and been told that something is stemming from a Past Life.


Clearing Past Life energy can be life changing. When you release energy from previous lifetimes it can be incredibly freeing and liberating. It often feels as though a huge weight has been lifted from you.

  • The first part:

    The gathering of the information....


    I will tune in to discover what insight I am able to receive about the issue that you wish to work on. I do this by channelling information, pendulum work, and using oracle and tarot cards. What usually comes through in this reading is a basic outline of the lifetime in question e.g. gender, location, family and life situation, significant issues within the life and circumstances of death.


    My intention in tuning in is to to uncover the root cause of the issue that you have identified. Although there may be multiple past lives involved, it is important to identify the one that sits at the beginning of the chain. It can be thought of in the same way as weeding your garden, in that you must pull the root out in order to stop the weeds growing back. If you just pull out the part that you can see then the weed will just come back again and again.


    I will send this information across to you via email, including any additional information that has come through via any cards that I have selected. I may also suggest a specific crystal for you to work with for this transformational period, should that feel appropriate.

  • The second part:

    The Sounding....


    After creating sacred space, I will channel an intuitive vocal Sounding for you - with the specific intention of clearing and healing any energy relating to the information I have gathered and the issue we are working on. This is an intuitive process and the sound that comes through can vary so much from one Sounding to another - it may be soft and gentle or loud and abrasive. It isn't singing, or chanting, and won't necessarily be tuneful or harmonious. Sometimes there will be some spoken word and there may be some light language too.


    Sound can be challenging, and transformation is rarely a 100% comfortable process. However, I completely trust that however the sound comes through will be exactly as it needs to be, to bring through the appropriate vibrations to meet your needs.


    I will send the Sounding electronically as an Mp3. Average length of recording is 20 to 25 minutes. Although the duration may seem relatively short, please be assured that channelled sound is extremely potent, and more isn't necessarily better! Sound is able to work on very deep levels very quickly.


    Energy that you are carrying from previous lifetimes can be deeply buried, and make take a little time to work through, as you will release it in a way that is comfortable for you.  I really believe that the beauty of working with Past Life energy with sound in this way is that you can listen to the recording as many times as needed, working at your own pace, without any pressure of feeling the need to release everything within one session! Having the recording enables you to take control of your own healing, which can be incredibly empowering.


    I offer a 30 minute follow-up session via Zoom at a cost of £30, should you wish to discuss anything regarding your Past Life Sound Healing. Some people find it beneficial to connect in this way once the work is complete.