Online 1-2-1 Vocal Sound Transmission

Online 1-2-1 Vocal Sound Transmission


Session Duration: 30 minutes


Working online in the moment with channelled sound.

  • How does it work?

    On receipt of your booking for an Online Sound Transmission I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for this session - if you have any queries about timings then please do contact me before booking. Once we have agreed a date and time I will send you a Zoom invitation link by email.


    When we connect for the session you will have time to share with me what your intention is - before I bring through the sound transmission. This is channelled vocal sound brought through in a potent way intended to have immediate effect. When working with sound in this way on online platforms the sound quality can occasionally be impaired. The impact and potential of these sessions is very much within the energy of the transmission and the vibration of the sound, rather than what you will hear with your ears.


    After the sound transmission is complete I will check with you how you are feeling, answer any relevant questions, and ensure that you are sufficiently grounded before we end the session.


    This is an intuitive process and the sound that comes through can vary so much from one transmission to another - it may be soft and gentle or loud and abrasive. Or a combination of both. It isn't singing, or chanting, and won't necessarily be tuneful or harmonious. Sometimes it is. Sometimes there will be some spoken word and there may be some light language too.


    Sound can be challenging, and transformation is rarely a 100% comfortable process. However, I completely trust that however the sound comes through will be exactly as it needs to be, to bring through the appropriate vibrations to meet your needs.

  • Who is this session for?

    This session is for people who would benefit from receiving a stand alone transmission.


    This might be an activation you feel you are ready for, or a clearing of the energy field for example.


    It is very much an 'in the moment' session, and it is unlikely you would need to revisit it. For issues that are a little deeper I would definitely recommend a recorded Channelled Sound Healing or Past Life Sound Healing, which you can work with repeatedly at your leisure.


    Please do contact me if you are unsure whether this session is for you.