March Equinox 2022

March Equinox 2022


Equinox: a pause between seasons. Winter to Spring in the North, Summer to Autumn in the South.


Nestled within this seasonal segue is an invitation for us to stop. 

To reflect. 
To reset. 
To envision.
To prepare. 

To make the most of the spaciousness of the neutral point between metaphoric breaths; and to set ourselves up energetically for elevated unfoldings in the coming season. 


I’m super excited to share that myself and my dear friend and extraordinary Channel Maia Francis, are offering the opportunity to work with us in a shared sitting to create the energetic underpinning for your new season.  We are making available nine joint sessions during the week of The Equinox.

We both work with sound and its transformational qualities, although in very unique and different ways. For some time now, we have been guided to create an offering that is bigger than each of us, and bigger than what we offer individually. 


How does it work?

If you've felt 'stuck', if you know you want to be doing more, if you feel the energy isn't supporting you to achieve what you want, meet us on Zoom.

We'll connect into your energy and where you're at, then together Maia and I will channel the perfect frequency pattern to create the specific and precise energetics for your individual shift.

This sound fusion creates the coherent ordering of your own energy field for seamless access to your own quantum codes. The 'work' is all done in real time in the session, although you'll have access to the replay of course.

If this appeals we invite you to book your place and we’ll send you a payment link to confirm your slot. As this is the first time we are working together we are offering this super-sized sound session at an introductory energy exchange rate of £88. If there are no session times that are convenient for you, get in touch and we'll do our best to accommodate you. All times are GMT.


~ Text by Maia Francis ~

*If you're new to Maia's work you can check out her website: