Energy Management

Energy Management


Appointment duration: 60 minutes


Looking after your energy body is a healthy thing to do, especially if you are an energy worker yourself or are engaging in any sort of spiritual practice e.g. meditation, where you 'open up' or 'tune in' to anything beyond the physical. Even if neither of these apply to you, we are all beings of energy with energy bodies as well as physical bodies, which need looking after, just as our physical bodies do. 


  • What is Energy Management?

    Energy Management is simply about developing a good set of practices to look after yourself energetically.


    These might include:

    • Opening up and closing down
    • Setting good boundaries
    • Cleansing your energy field
    • Grounding techniques


    This session is for anyone who feels that they would benefit from a little guidance around managing their energy.


    Good Energy Management practices are really important for energy workers, who are connecting to their clients energetically and/or opening up to Spirit. If you are 'taking on' the energy of your clients, or if you feel exhausted after seeing clients, then there are definitely ways to help. Even if you think that you are already doing everything that is 'necessary' you might find it beneficial to talk through your techniques and see if their are any additional helpful tips I can suggest.


    You don't need to be an energy worker to benefit from Energy Management. We are all energetic beings interacting with other energetic beings! If you feel that other people affect you and that you 'take on' their emotions or problems then you might be too open, or your energy field might benefit from a little 'protection'.  Perhaps you feel that certain people drain your energy. If you feel lightheaded sometimes or detached from reality, then you might be a little ungrounded. If you meditate or enagage in any spiritual practices, you may be opening up to energy without realising, or you may not even be aware that there is any need for managing your energy. If this is the case then don't worry.... it's never too late to start.

  • How does it work?

    After you have purchased the session I will contact you to arrange your appointment. This can be held either in person at my practice in Leeds (UK), or over Zoom. During the session we will discuss your own personal energy management, why you feel you need assistance with it, any practices you are currently using etc.


    I will share with you my observations and offer any suggestions and guidance I feel would help. This could include techniques for opening/closing, clearing, protecting and grounding.



    I offer a 30 minute follow up session at £30 (after an agreed period of time), to check in on how your Energy Management has progressed since your session. You can ask any questions about your experiences with the practices you have implemented, and I can offer any further guidance if needed. This is not essential, but highly recommended.

  • Additional Info ~ PLEASE READ

    Payment is preferred in advance, either through the website or via PayPal. Non attendance to an appointment or cancellation within 24 hours is fully payable.


    Appointment duration is strictly 60 minutes. If you would like more time then please ask me about booking a longer session. If you are late to your appointment, then regrettably you will lose the time that has passed.