Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer 1-2-1 sessions in person?

Usually yes, although I am not currently working face to face due to the Covid restrictions.

Do you offer sessions online e.g. via Zoom?

I offer Energy Management sessions and 30 minute follow up sessions online. I prefer to record vocal Soundings and send them electronically as the sound quality is much better. This makes them much more comfortable to listen to, which I believe really facilitates the healing process, especially when repeated listening is necessary.

What is channelled vocal sound?

I think of channelling vocal sound as connecting with vibrational healing through the voice. A way of bypassing the conscious mind and what you think may benefit someone, and instead allowing the energy to flow though in whatever way is guided beyond our 3D reality.

Are you a singer?

No, and I'm not paticularly musical either!

Are you trained in Sound Healing?

Yes, I spent 2 years training with the College of Sound Healing in the UK to become a Sound Healer and Gong Practitioner.

Can I purchase a Past Life Sound Healing for someone else?

No I'm afraid not. Working with sound in this way is powerful, and it is important that the recipient chooses to do this when they are ready and the time is right for them.

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